Tool change

Conversion of automated plants

Tool changes are necessary in almost all automated systems in order to convert them for the production of different products or to just use a different machining tool.

Metal cutting machines require several tool changes to make a single component.

Molds in injection molding machines or tools for presses are also changed regularly to facilitate the conversion to a different product. These changed molds and tools must be securely clamped.

In addition, mold construction can use multiple molds, e.g. when different materials are combined. Such applications can be implemented with so-called index plates.

And then there is the option of linear mold movements in or out of the machine. Such movement should of course be as fast as possible. If great weight is involved, the acceleration and, above all, deceleration forces must be considered.




Index plate drive design

Small and compact wedge clamps

You want to use a wedge clamp but don't have enough space for piping, or the system does not have hydraulics at all? Combine a wedge clamp with an E-AHP Lite unit.

E-AHP Lite

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