Metal forming presses

Metal forming presses - shaping metals in hot or cold processes

Metal forming presses shape large metal sheets according to specifications using a specific process. This requires tremendous force. A distinction is made between cold and hot forming. In hot forming, the material is heated in a furnace to create the specified properties of the part to be produced.


What do we supply?

Our cylinders usually do not generate the force itself, but they stand up to the force generated by the press in a targeted manner. The material to be shaped is thus held in place in specific locations and stretched in others. This helps avoid cracks and any undesirable weak spots in the finished component. Since such processes use extreme forces and accelerations, these cylinders are designed to be very robust and have large ports.

Our cylinders can simultaneously punch, bend, and cut workpieces in the desired places as part of secondary processes.


Our metal forming press and mold solutions

  • Punching cylinders
  • Alternative cylinders
  • Counter supports
  • Block cylinders


Product Highlights