Rides and leisure facilities

Performance and safety

Rides and their installations are subject to immense innovation pressure: they must be ever faster, higher, more spectacular. However, passenger safety is the most important aspect. Our development and design team meets these requirements by creating new products and further developments. Our linear cushioning plays a key role here as it enables safe and reliable absorption of kinetic energy, thus unlocking huge potential for every application. But AHP Merkle's high-quality products are also used in passenger restraint systems.

Which functional implementations do our products support?

Hydraulic drives can support a variety of functions. Solutions may be passive with a hydraulic spring or overload protection, or active providing very large forces and high levels of acceleration.

Hydraulic drives with small dimensions can transmit and absorb very large forces due to their very high power density. In combination with hydraulic accumulators, these forces can also be released very quickly.

Hydraulische Federn

What kind of rides are our products suitable for?

Hydraulic drives can be used in almost any ride. This includes immediate roller coaster applications or maintenance and service applications for various attractions. The great reliability, the components' enormous power density, and the impressive flexibility of hydraulic elements make them the first choice for making an increasing number of applications faster, higher, and more spectacular.

  • Water coaster
  • Spinning coaster
  • Dunkelachterbahn
  • e-motion coaster
  • Launch coaster
  • Megacoaster
  • Hypercoaster

A safe dissipation method for kinetic energy!

You want safe and reliable kinetic energy dissipation in any situation? Have a look at our linear end position cushioning.

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