Customer-specific special cylinders

When off-the-shelf just won't do!

Our very extensive standard portfolio includes suitable hydraulic cylinders to put the movement into many of your applications. But sometimes this is just not the best way to go. In such cases we will work with you to determine your requirements and design a custom solution just for you. Our many years of experience let us do many things that are not available in any catalog or CAD database.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in such cases!


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The new 4.1

The new 4.1 is fundamentally revised and represents the complete standard AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range.

New in the catalogue:

  • Block cylinder with position query BZP, from page 1/64
  • New generation magnetic field sensors for block cylinder MBZ, from page 1/80
  • Tension anchor cylinder ZHZ, from page 6/2
  • Locking cylinder VBZ, from page 8/1

. . . and much more, see documentation about all new features

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