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With the opening of the new Technical Center in September 2014, we have taken yet another step in a new direction: we can disseminate expertise outwards, and can offer training courses for customers in a vast array of different sectors. These courses also include company management and the Live Demonstration in our new test laboratory.

The test laboratory is equipped with a powerful 30 kW hydraulic pump. Here even big cylinders can be moved rapidly by means of a volumetric flow rate of 200 l/min. There are several test stations and a special-purpose limit position test rig on which the heaviest weights of up to 4 tons can be tested.

The test laboratory in the AHP Technical Center has what it takes, and provides the perfect environment, for developing new products as well as for optimizing existing ones, and can also be used to simulate customer applications.

Only someone who is familiar with our hydraulic cylinders down to the last detail can use them optimally. We therefore believe that it is very important that our customers also are always up-to-date in terms of technology. Within the scope of the AHP Technical Center, we offer training courses for designers, service engineers, and machine operators on a regular basis. And, since we consider our further technical training to be part of our overall package, these training sessions are free of charge for all participants.


Our training opportunities

In order to be as accessible as possible, we offer the AHP Technical Center in different formats:

  • AHP Technical Center at our headquarters: Separate training rooms and a test laboratory are available at our Headquarters Training Center in Gottenheim. Here, we introduce the latest product highlights to course participants, familiarize them with the handling of our hydraulic cylinders in the test laboratory, and show them how we implement our quality promise in Production.
  • AHP Mobile Technical Center: Several times a year, we pack our suitcases and go on the road with our Technical Center. We present our current product highlights and introduce participants to the handling of AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinders at venues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • AHP Technikum Online: Since 2020, we have also been offering our expertise in entertaining online training courses. Each training has a focus topic and lasts approx. 30-60 minutes. Benefit from the expertise of our experts - short, compact and informative!
  • AHP Technical Center exclusive at your company: Do you use AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinders regularly? If so, then book individual training courses for yourself and your employees. We will compile the content and coordinate the dates together with you and conduct the training exclusive at your premises.
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