Automation technology

Hydraulics in automation technology

Automation technology is a rather general term.

It refers to a specific field within the mechanical and plant engineering domain. The higher the degree of automation, the less human intervention is required.

Hydraulics in general are very popular in automation technology as the incompressibility of the energy-conveying medium allows for very precise motion control. In addition, hydraulics with small dimensions enable the transmission of very great force and energy. This is also referred to as the power density of hydraulic drives.

We refer to some specific examples of automation technology below.

The new 4.1

The new 4.1 is fundamentally revised and represents the complete standard AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range.

New in the catalogue:

  • Block cylinder with position query BZP, from page 1/64
  • New generation magnetic field sensors for block cylinder MBZ, from page 1/80
  • Tension anchor cylinder ZHZ, from page 6/2
  • Locking cylinder VBZ, from page 8/1

. . . and much more, see documentation about all new features

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