Test facilities and test benches

Hydraulic drives for test facilities and test benches

Almost all new products are tested before they are placed on the market. Depending on the component in question, they are subjected to extreme forces, vibrations, and loads for this purpose, resulting in precise information on the durability of these products. Hydraulics is the perfect kind of drive for this purpose as it combines maximum power density with robustness and overload protection.

What are we moving?

Our cylinders and drives for test facilities and test benches are used to generate forces and motions that take components to their load limits and beyond. The observed component behavior in these limit ranges allows drawing conclusions about the correct design and fatigue strength of components. Such tests are usually conducted to ensure the safety of life and limbs.


What solutions do we offer?

  • Servo cylinders
  • Locking cylinders
  • E-AHP


Product Highlights