Energy-saving solutions

Saving energy with smart hydraulic solutions

Hydraulics are not just characterized by very high power density, i.e. the transmission of great force and power by small, compact components.

Hydraulics also offer plenty of opportunities for significant energy savings.

There are various options here that range from using hydraulic accumulators to so-called regeneration circuits. Drive power can thus be reduced by up to 80 %, making it a worthwhile application. When combined with our E-AHP units that have an efficiency between 95 % and 99 %, this is a great contribution to energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction efforts.

Such solutions are customer-specific in each case.

Booster valve

Our booster valve enables you to implement fast rapid motions without much effort. The valve does not require any electrical controller or other control components.

Energy-efficient drives

Our E-AHP series impresses with its great precision and efficiency. See for yourself.

E-AHP lite