Design / Development

Our team of about 11 people works to implement any special customer requirements as effectively and economically as possible. In addition, we constantly work on developing new ideas or advancing existing products. We make FEM calculations for critical parts and test prototypes or newly implemented ideas in our test lab. Many components are now modeled using 3D printers so they can be exhibited in advance. In addition, we consult for our Purchasing department in technical questions regarding purchased parts, for our Sales department in providing advice to customers, and we are available to many other teams as point of contact for a wide variety of technical questions.

Thomas Bühler

Design Team +49 7665 4208-226

Thomas Gerber

Design Team +49 7665 4208-201

Daniela Huber

Design Team +49 7665 4208-221

Christof Klausmann

Design Team +49 7665 4208-220

Christian Kratzer

Design Team +49 7665 4208-225

Arkadij Lechowizer

Design Team +49 7665 4208-607

Philipp Santen

Design Team | Development +49 7665 4208-210

Mirko Schreiber

Design Team +49 7665 4208-227

Alexander Stein

Design Team | Development +49 7665 4208-229

Philipp Weber

Design Team +49 7665 4208-222