Control fittings

Controlling and shutting off liquids

Control fittings are used in various fields. In ships they are used to control the flow of water or fuel.

But also to control and shut off liquid cargo. Many ships have several dozen control fitting installations. Here, it is not desirable to conventionally power every single control fitting with a hydraulic power unit. However, in many cases it is not possible to power such fittings with electricity. They require a reliable emergency shut-off system as well as safe and reliable manual operation. Both can be easily implemented using hydraulics.

Compact hydraulic axles for decentralized control fitting actuation

Self-sufficient, compact hydraulic axles are the perfect solution for optimizing the advantageous utilization of hydraulics on a ship. They combine the advantages of simple manual operation with reliable and safe emergency shut-off operation. Yet they do not require hydraulic power units or piping.

These drives enable the decentralized actuation of control and shut-off fittings.

Compact hydraulic axles

What drive types can be implemented?

A wide variety of drives can be implemented using self-sufficient hydraulic axles. Applications include simple on-off control systems and emergency operation supported by a system based on springs or an accumulator. The control fittings can also be actuated with very high accuracy if required, unlocking the implementation of difficult control tasks.

  • On/off operation
  • Spring-loaded emergency operation
  • Accumulator-based emergency operation/control
  • Control to just a few µm
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