Handling technology

Effective and safe handling device design

This covers handling equipment and handling devices such as balancers and manipulators. Robotics is another field that can be considered handling technology.

Our products can be used in handling device design – either in active motion control or in passive safeguarding of motions. In such applications, an oil-filled cylinder provides a compact solution that travels along with the motion to be safeguarded. If the motion exceeds a defined maximum speed, e.g. in case the pneumatic pressure of a balancer fails, this passive cylinder provides security as it slows down and stops the motion.

We offer various components for controlling robotic grippers or tools. Our portfolio covers various technologies up to so-called compact autonomous hydraulic axles. They do not require any hydraulic oil supply and are thus perfectly suitable for operation and use on a robot.

These E-AHP units can be optimized with regard to their weight to make them suitable for installation on robot arms.



Special cylinders for safeguarding handling devices

Compact passive cylinders enable various safeguarding options. They also facilitate drive power reduction through gravitational force equalization. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Safeguarding of maximum speeds
  • Safeguarding and safe stopping of motions
  • Secure load suspension
  • Hydraulic spring
Hydraulic spring

Hydraulic tools on the robot – WITHOUT supply hoses

Do you need to fit a robot arm with great forces for joining, clinching, or clamping components? You cannot route supply hoses to the robot arm due to complex motions? Use a compact hydraulic axle.


Clinching, riveting, joining, and forming directly in the handling device

Compact hydraulic axles enable the implementation of various operations directly in the handling device – without a hydraulic power unit. Do it all with our E-AHP units.


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