Our team with 11 members covers the entire area of production.

Our team works on a wide variety of tasks and in different areas – from the sawmill to machining production, in the warehouse, in assembly, in dispatch, or in maintenance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

We monitor order scheduling, handle special design requests, carry out capacity planning, and take care of any personnel matters in production.

We also support the individual teams with their planning and/or technical concerns.

Further technical development of the individual processes is one of our main responsibilities – to make sure the AHP Merkle remains effective and is up to the changing challenges at all times.

Thus, we consistently continue to work towards our goal: satisfied customers through 100% quality.

Martin Böcherer

Production Team +49 7665 4208-513

Rainer Fischer

Production Team +49 7665 4208-550

Patrick Heidiri

Production Team +49 7665 4208-510

Marco Heizmann

Production Team +49 7665 4208-508

Andreas Jede

Production Team +49 7665 4208-507

Andreas Lai

Production Team +49 7665 4208-0

Bernhard Metzger

Production Team +49 7665 4208-0

Sebastian Schweizer

Managing Director | Production Team +49 76 65 42 08-281