Stretching axle

Shaping by stretch bending or stretch drawing

A stretching axle is used in stretch bending or stretch drawing within the framework of tensile forming.

Roof rails for station wagons, trims and bumpers, structural components for rail vehicles or aircraft: stretch bending is a versatile process for shaping – both in large-scale production and small batches.

The stretching axle is the main component used in stretch bending.

Due to the high stretching forces of up to 60 kN, even small deviations cause differences of up to 1,000 kilonewtons at the workpiece.

Forming with maximum precision and efficiency

Hydraulic and compact axles unlock energy-efficient off-the-shelf forming processes (plug&play) with maximum accuracy.


Accurate and reproducible control in the µ range

The product quality increases with the level of precision in stretching axle control.

As some of these processes involve very high forces, a hydraulic drive is the best solution for them. However, the associated controls often have a very poor efficiency and limited accuracy.

In addition, the cylinders must meet special requirements.


Product highlights