Vocational training

The Training Workshop Team consists of two trainers and approximately 22 trainees.

Our daily routine is to prepare the trainees for their chosen profession, both professionally and personally, during the course of their training.

All trainees of technical and industrial vocations undergo basic training of metalworking, hydraulic cylinder assembly, and handling the latest CNC-controlled machines in our large, modern training workshop.

We are also the link between vocational schools, parents, and the company. We provide support in case of any private, school or company-related issues and help trainees prepare for their theoretical and practical final examinations.

Many new projects keep coming up, such as producing parts for our test lab or supporting our production department in its daily operations. Not only do the trainees learn how to work with the machines this way, but they also experience what it means to advance developments.

Andreas Mayer-Weis

Training Team

a.mayer-weis@ahp.de +49 76 65 42 08-540

Markus Michelis

Training Team

m.michelis@ahp.de +49 76 65 42 08-542