Quality Control

Our team takes care of all matters relating to quality at AHP Merkle. We are a key point of contact as we collaborate with all other teams on a daily basis to ensure customer satisfaction.

This includes process planning and control, as well as complaints management, defect prevention, and process optimization. Maintaining and servicing the ISO 9001 management system as well as organizing and conducting audits. In addition, our tasks include test equipment monitoring and daily measuring tasks related to incoming goods and inspection during production.

The main areas of quality assurance and quality management are staffed by two of our team members each.

Dietmar Lauby

Quality Assurance

d.lauby@ahp.de +49 7665 4208-555

Felix Müller

Quality Management

qualitaetswesen@ahp.de +49 7665 4208-124

Dr. Sabine Nadler

Quality Management

qualitaetswesen@ahp.de +49 7665 4208-125

Marcel Held

Quality Assurance

m.held@ahp.de +49 7665 4208-554