Joining and cutting technology

How to handle abrupt stress in joining and cutting technology without causing damage

 Joining and cutting technology uses various processes that are perfectly suitable for hydraulic drives. Examples include clinching, nibbling, riveting, cutting, and punching. These applications usually involve short strokes at high frequency. This requires extremely robust components that will withstand millions of strokes applying abrupt stress without getting damaged. This is a very demanding type of application for any type of drive. Therefore, the robustness of our hydraulic cylinders plays a decisive role here.


What are we driving?

Our block and punching cylinders are very popular when it comes to drives for clinching and riveting frames. And in actual punching applications, our specifically designed punching cylinders generate the necessary forces and the required number of strokes to enable suitable component processing. Our E-AHP is also ideally suited for such tasks as it can be carried along by robot arms in robotic applications and does not require any hydraulic lines to be laid.

What solutions do we offer?

  • Block cylinders
  • Punching cylinders
  • E-AHP

Product Highlights