Die casting machines

Die casting machines for light metal die casting

Such machines press molten light metal (aluminum or magnesium alloys) into negative molds at high pressure, where it cools and solidifies. This enables the economical production of highly complex lightweight components in large batches. Many of these components are used in automotive engineering, e.g. engine and/or axle components.

These components are also becoming increasingly important for vehicle structures and electric drives.


What are we moving?

Few other industry sectors use the advantages of hydraulics to the extent the die casting industry does. Machines are usually entirely hydraulic. Hydraulic cylinders actuate the strikers and hold them closed against the injection and solidification pressure. The liquid metal is also pressed into the mold using hydraulics. Slides and cores on the mold itself are moved hydraulically to enable complex contours and molding to shape. Repressing with a squeezer is a special application for which we offer various additional solutions.