Water management structures

Securing and controlling water flow

Water management structures are used to control flowing water bodies, for example, to divert and store large volumes of water for hydropower applications.

Due to the increasing challenges in coping with climate change, water management structures are now also needed to retain large volumes of water so as to provide secure infrastructure and housing supply.

Such structures usually use hydraulic drives due to their size. In this context, we supply numerous innovative custom solutions with features such as seawater-compatibility and solutions to other challenges.

And our E-AHP series make hydraulic drives increasingly interesting for smaller structures. as they no longer require hydraulic power units and piping. A single compact unit, IP67 and corrosion resistant, is installed directly on the control component.

Is it safe to use hydraulics in water management structures?

Yes. Hydraulics are commonly used in water management structures. First, the use of biodegradable fluids significantly reduces the water pollution risk.

Secondly, modern hydraulic drives such as our E-AHP series require very little hydraulic fluid and their compact design ensures that leakage does not occur in these units.

With internal lubrication by hydraulic fluid, safe locking and control functions, and suitable materials, the hydraulic solution offers additional advantages as compared to the electromechanical solution, particularly in sporadically used drives.

Compact hydraulic axles are fully enclosed and do not experience any exposure to the air or the environment. That makes them 100% free of leakage and thus superior even to electric drives that use lubricants that may leak.


Leak-proof drive

Functional and environmental safety

Compact hydraulic units are 100% leak-proof and have a safe functionality.