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AHP stands for "apparatus, hydraulics and pneumatics", which describes the core of our work. The expansion of our product portfolio with the electro-hydraulic linear drive E-AHP or the machine units has shown us that there is still a lot of potential in the area of accessories. This is why a lot of development work has been done to bring new but also patented accessories to the market. 

In addition to the already well developed ahp.cylinder accessories, AHP is releasing a new range of accessories for hydraulics, the ahp.hydraulic accessories. This includes valves, gearwheel flow dividers as well as the latest innovation, the "Last Chance Filter".


AHP not only offers a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, but also the matching ahp.cylinder accessories. From couplings to standard parts to assembly tools, you will find everything in this area.


AHP is setting new standards with the ahp.standards. New products have been developed for the tool and mold making industry. One example is the mechanical chain lifter, also called MCL. It works completely mechanically and without springs. But AHP now also has a two-stage ejector in its product portfolio.


Extensions and accessories are also offered for our ready-to-use hydraulic axle E-AHP. If you need an interface to your existing fieldbus system, for example, the preset motion controller is the optimal solution.

to the E-AHP accessories

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The new 4.1

The new 4.1 is fundamentally revised and represents the complete standard AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range.

New in the catalogue:

  • Block cylinder with position query BZP, from page 1/64
  • New generation magnetic field sensors for block cylinder MBZ, from page 1/80
  • Tension anchor cylinder ZHZ, from page 6/2
  • Locking cylinder VBZ, from page 8/1

. . . and much more, see documentation about all new features

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