General Management Team

Die AHP Geschäftsleitung

Since the team was reorganized, we have been working as a "Management Team" currently consisting of 7 people.  Apart from Christen and Katrin Merkle, who carry responsibility in their capacity as managing directors, there are 5 additional authorized officers taking responsibility for AHP Merkle.

This team is also referred to as "MIT" (Management Integrative Team) and has actively supported the transition from the traditional corporate organizational structure to agile teams.

During this time and in the course of many intense workshops, the MIT has grown into a powerful, trusting team and has now become the "Management Team".

According to our corporate DNA manual, the management cannot and does not know everything. And we don't have to. Our job is to make sure that the right person is assigned to the right task in any given situation and at all times. And to keep an eye on the future. To keep things moving. And to make sure that we as a company do not stagnate. These things are not always easy, but that's what we do. Our management team thus handles people, resources, money, and time every day. To the benefit of all teams. In the interest of our customers. For the future of AHP Merkle.

Kathrin Mönig

Prokuristin / Geschäftsleitung / Unternehmensentwicklung +49 76 65 42 08-106

Patrick Mußler

Prokurist / Geschäftsleitung / Team Verkauf +49 7665 4208-0

Renata Subasic

Prokuristin / Geschäftsleitung / Team Rechnungswesen +49 76 65 42 08-130

Marco Barth

Geschäftsführer / Team Verkauf +49 7665 4208-0

Katrin Merkle

Geschäftsführerin +49 76 65 42 08-0

Christen Merkle

Geschäftsführer +49 76 65 42 08-0

Sebastian Schweizer

Geschäftsführer / Team Produktion +49 76 65 42 08-281

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