The Merkle family

The recipe

Take an idea, start a business, employ your wife as 'jack-of-all-trades', and you have a family business. This is, in a nutshell, what Gerhard Merkle did when he founded the company on April 1, 1973. With his initial idea... And out of necessity. Now it is Christen and Katrin Merkle, the 2nd generation, who are responsible for running the company.

A family business is like most things in life

It's not all sunshine and roses. And a lot has happened in the family history of almost 50 years, including some things that didn't go according to the plan. And keeping the business in the family beyond the 2nd generation is not yet in the bag either. The statistical odds based on 6 children are not too bad, but reality doesn't play by statistics. Merkle children have worked and currently do work in the company. But whether they will take on the full responsibility is still up in the air.

Any the term family business does not just refer to family, children, parents, ...

No, the numerous employees, their children, fathers, mothers are family members, too. And they stand by the company like family.

That's why we consider ourselves a family business. Because AHP Merkle is family. For many motivated people who come here to work every day. And we are sure that they will support the company as it is handed over to next generation. Just like family.