Our Purchasing Team currently consists of 5 employees.

We work hard every day to meet our main goal of 100% quality with short supply times.

In this capacity, we act as a bi-directional link to ensure constant exchange between our suppliers and other AHP teams.

Accordingly, daily tasks in purchasing include planning and purchasing of any articles/raw materials/standardized parts for customer orders and work equipment for production as well as handling correspondence such as order confirmations, delivery bills, etc.

And then there are other daily tasks, some of them unforeseen, to be taken on and completed by our team. We generally don't do things alone.

Katrin Oberlin

Team Einkauf

einkauf@ahp.de +49 76 65 42 08-245

Mario Zwigard

Team Einkauf

einkauf@ahp.de +49 76 65 42 08-241

Günther Reich

Team Einkauf / technischer Einkauf

g.reich@ahp.de +49 76 65 42 08-500

Uwe Karschewski

Team Einkauf

einkauf@ahp.de +49 76 65 42 08-240