Turbine engineering

Safe and reliable turbine control

Turbines are used in hydropower, gas distribution, and gas-fired power generation applications. The safe and reliable shut-down of volume flows is paramount in all such applications. Hydraulic drives can be used to implement this very efficiently, either through hydraulic accumulators or spring assemblies against which the hydraulic drives work during normal operation. These are then in a position to shut down turbines within milliseconds and bring them into a safe state.

In turbines that need to be controlled, the control accuracy of modern gas turbines is now in the range of one micrometer. Among other things, this has become possible due to efficient new hydraulic drive systems, i.e. E-AHP drives. They also come with an efficiency above 95%, making this drive absolutely unique.

But our drives are also suitable for easy and efficient implementations of simple on/off systems.

What are the advantages of hydraulic drives?

In the past, hydraulic drives always had a bad reputation due to oil leak hazards associated with them. In addition, conventional systems with a hydraulic power unit and piping come with the disadvantage of very poor efficiency.

This is no longer the case with our system. Our products are leak-proof and offer efficiencies of up to 98%.

This eliminates the disadvantages of hydraulics so that the advantages can shine.

E-AHP, the leak-proof and efficient drive

Energy efficiency with smart control

Turbine actuation with compact hydraulic axles – saving you space and energy


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