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Hydraulic cylinders are always a part of something bigger – of a tool, a machine or one of many applications, where precise and reliable transactions of big power is required. We provide CAD-Datas of our cylinders in all relevant forms, that you can integrate hydraulic cylinders from AHP perfectly in your area of application.


Our complete new configurator leads you step by step to the perfect cylinder. Every single option is explained with additional information (with pictures and texts) and make the choice easier. At the end of the configuration you can download the cylinder directly without a login.

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If you know which cylinder you require, you can enter the data here. A login account is necessary.

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Software download - ahp.cad

In addition to the assembly and export of CAD data, ahp.cad offers comprehensive documentation of hydraulic cylinders in the platform-independent PDF file format, including 3D representation! As fewer and fewer computers are equipped with CD drives and the use of USB sticks is strongly regulated, the latest version ahp.cad (v14.0) is now available as a free software download.

Download ahp.cad

The new "Hydraulic Cylinder" app offers the entire AHP Merkle product range for your pocket. Find hydraulic cylinders incl. accessories, view in 3D and configure, comprehensive, always up-to-date, clear and demonstrative thanks to 3D model representations!