Double acting cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders with different force/displacement characteristics

Some applications do not require the extremely large force provided by hydraulic cylinders along the entire length of the motion. For example, it may only be required on a short section at the beginning or at the end get something moving. After that, only a small amount of force is needed to move further. And this should ideally be done at high speed. Our double acting cylinders can provide the perfect solution for such applications.

How do double acting cylinders work?

A large piston and a small piston are installed inside the cylinder. They act on the same piston rod depending on the position. This causes the forces to complement each other in defined areas. Only a single piston acts in the other areas, causing a proportional increase in the cylinder velocity.

Where are double acting cylinders used?

Such cylinders are predominantly used in mold construction for plastic injection molding or aluminum die casting.
Usually in long core pulls. Such cylinders are also suitable for use in press construction.

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