Block Cylinder with wedge clamping element

Block Cylinder with wedge clamping element

Things to know about the
BZK 250 and BZF 500

Clamping element actuated by a block cylinder. Either a guide rod (BZF) or a wedge clamp element (BZK) is installed in the guide housing bolted to the cylinder. The wedge clamp element enables the generation of very high clamping forces. The guide rod can absorb high lateral forces. This approach allows the integration of numerous optional block cylinder features.

BZK 250

  • Maximum operating pressure 250bar
  • Piston diameters from Ø25mm to Ø125mm


BZF 500

  • Maximum operating pressure 500bar
  • Piston diameters from Ø25mm to Ø63mm

The new 4.1

The new 4.1 is fundamentally revised and represents the complete standard AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range.

New in the catalogue:

  • Block cylinder with position query BZP, from page 1/64
  • New generation magnetic field sensors for block cylinder MBZ, from page 1/80
  • Tension anchor cylinder ZHZ, from page 6/2
  • Locking cylinder VBZ, from page 8/1

. . . and much more, see documentation about all new features

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