Download ahp.cad

With ahp.cad you’re receiving a great tool for your daily work.

In addition to the assembly and export of CAD data, ahp.cad offers comprehensive documentation of hydraulic cylinders in the platform-independent PDF file format, including 3D representation!

Because less computers have a CD drive on the working desk and use a USB-stick is often hard regulated, the newest version of the ahp.cad (v14.0) is available as a free download.

News and features

  • Complete new AHP Merkle configurator

  • Quick delivery program configurable separately

  • New cylinder description of cylinder with inductive proximity switches

  • New description of DHZ 160 and DHZ 250

  • Datasheet export with the summary of the cylinder configuration and 2D drawing (PDF datasheet)

  • Export of CAD data in SAT, STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG

  • New product integration of locking cylinder (VBZ) and block cylinder with position sensing (BZP)

  • Extended accessories (for example significant extensions for

Download ahp.cad