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Note: All employees are important to us, but not all teams are represented here.

We introduce ourselves

Together, our teams make up the AHP Family. We have listed some of them for you below!


General Management Team

Our job is to make sure that the right person is assigned to the right task in any given situation and at all times. And to keep an eye on the future. To keep things moving.

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General Management Assistance

Scheduling, travel planning, and general organization are the most common tasks of our team.

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Dispatch Team

We work hard every day to ensure that our customers receive their AHP products within the agreed timeframe.

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Purchasing Team

Planning and purchasing of any articles/raw materials/standardized parts for customer orders and work equipment for production.

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Design Team

We constantly work on developing new ideas or advancing existing products.

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Training Team

We prepare the trainees for their chosen profession, both professionally and personally, and support them in their daily routines.

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Sales Team

The team's main task is to offer you technical consultation before placing an order and to provide professional support along the entire process.

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Team Portugal | Spain

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Team Italy

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Team China

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Accounting Team

We conduct all operations necessary to financially and organizationally manage the company in a compliant and proper manner.

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Quality Control Team

Our team takes care of all matters relating to quality at AHP Merkle. As a key point of contact, the focus of our everyday work is to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Production Team

We monitor order scheduling, handle special design requests, and carry out capacity planning.

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Payroll & Human Resources

We take care of our employees and act as a service provider for both internal and external customers.

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Marketing Team

Ad planning and design, website, social media accounts, trade show planning, and sponsoring are all part of our daily business.

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Reception Team

We attend to our guests and customers as we usually are their first point of contact.

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