DIN Standard Cylinder

Things to know about the DIN Standard Cylinder

  • Maximum operating pressure 160 bar or 250 bar
  • Hydraulic Cylinder to DIN/ISO standards
  • Ground, hardened and hard chrome plated piston rods
  • Multiple mounting options available
  • Piston diameters from Ø25 mm to Ø200 mm
  • Large range of accessories
DIN standard cylinder DHZ160 - DIN/ISO 6020/1

DIN standard cylinder DHZ160 - DIN/ISO 6020/1

DIN standard cylinder DHZ 250 - ISO6022 / DIN 24333

DIN standard cylinder DHZ 250 - ISO6022 / DIN 24333


Hydraulic Cylinders accordung to DIN/ISO Standards

Standard cylinders are hydraulic cylinders designed and manufactured according to DIN ISO 6020/1 (DHZ 160) or ISO 6022 and DIN 24333 (DHZ 250). 

With standard cylinders, distinction is made between pressure ranges 160 bar and 250 bar. According to this classification, AHP Merkle offers two types: the » Standard Cylinder DHZ 160 and the » Standard Cylinder DHZ 250.

Standard cylinders can be ordered with various mounting types from the standard version, the foot mounting, and rectangular and round flange to the trunnions. In addition, AHP Merkle offers an extensive » range of accessories for standard cylinders. 

Of course, our standard cylinders are also equipped with hardened, ground, hard chrome plated piston rods.

AHP Merkle standard cylinders are distinguished by 100% quality in the development, design and manufacture.

The new ahp.book 4.1

The new ahp.book 4.1 is fundamentally revised and represents the complete standard AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder range.

New in the catalogue:

  • Block cylinder with position query BZP, from page 1/64
  • New generation magnetic field sensors for block cylinder MBZ, from page 1/80
  • Tension anchor cylinder ZHZ, from page 6/2
  • Locking cylinder VBZ, from page 8/1

. . . and much more, see documentation about all new features

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