Calculation of the buckling strength

Application area

Hydraulic cylinders with long strokes, if overloaded, will in some cases create a strain on the piston rod resulting in what is called the buckling effect of the piston rod.

With the calculation tool from AHP Merkle you can choose if you want to calculate the necessary piston rod diameter, the maximum pushing force or the maximum mounting distance. How the cylinder is mounted for the application also has a major influence (buckling effect).   

You can select your own safety factor, AHP Merkle recommends calculating with a minimum safety factor of 5.

For the basis of calculation use the following formula:

Essential Formula Parameters:

  • Fk = Buckling force
  • E = Elasticity of the piston rod
  • I = Area inertia module of cross section
  • L = Mounting distance
  • ß = buckling length factor

For the buckling length factors use the following values:

  • Buckling mode 1 = 2
  • Buckling mode 2 = 1
  • Buckling mode 3 = 0,699
  • Buckling mode 4 = 0,5
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